Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How to Start a Home-Based Photography Business – and Make It a Success

If there is one word that may best describe the new business world of the early 21st century, then it is “entrepreneur.” Surprisingly, we have the Great Recession to thank for this trend, as many people had to start their own businesses as an alternative to finding a job. With the economy now in full recovery, new entrepreneurs are starting companies as an opportunity, not a necessity. In fact, that was the case with 78% of all entrepreneurs during 2012, the largest percentage during the previous 14 years. In addition, more women than ever are entrepreneurs/business owners: 9.1 million during 2014, compared to 8.6 million for 2013.
 It’s all evidence that this is a great time to start a business – and if you’re passionate about photography (and you must be if you’re reading this article), then opening a home-based photography business may be the best choice of all. As a photographer, you’re fortunate that a photography business is one of the easier types of home-based businesses to start, manage and grow. Here are a few of the major steps you must take to give it every opportunity to

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