Saturday, 6 October 2012

Eraniel - Palace photos & Geography


      Eraniel has a small Palace located near Eraniel Gramam. Moreover Eraniel is an historical place. A lost palace at Eraniel, Eraniel Palace at Marthandom (near Padmanabhapuram) adjoining the stateof Kerala, which has witnessed many adecisive change in the history ofTravancore, is dying. There are no clearrecords that are left out in history about the construction of this palace at Eraniel.Yet, it is presumed that Eraniel palace was constructed during the reign of VanchiMarthanda Varma of the Venad dynasty about five hundred years ago.When Padmanabhapuram(Kalkulam) Palace was completed in 1601 the King Ravi Varma Kulashekhara shifted the seat of power to Padmanabhapuram and Eraniel was maintained as the sub capital. Thehistorical importance of Eraniel palace is also connected with Marthanda Varma Maharaja who is rightly regarded as the maker of modern Travancore. The palace at Eraniel has always glittered in the chronicles of Venad and later Travancore and the ruining sight of the palace evokes, pain in the hearts of those who are devoted lovers of history.The palace compound which spreads over slightly more than three- and- a- half acres only now consists of threeidentifiable parts - the Padippura or the majestic entrance way (now in total ruins), the main palace (also called Kuthiramalika) and third the vasanthamandapam (spring pavilion).The central courtyard of this typicalnalukettu played a major role in the dayto-day life of the occupants, as thisbecame an extension of the interiorfunction into the semi exteriors. Theupper level rooms also have an important relationship with the courtyard. There is a verandah, which runs all along the ground floor of the Kuthiramalika serving as a buffer and circulation space for the building. The Vasanthamalika,which used to be the spring palace of the King, has an Ottakkal Kattil (one stone cot), which is remarkable for its rich stonecarvings. Above this is a wooden pavilionadorned with wooden decorations depicting episodes from Ramayana.

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