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குளச்சல் - one small story

                      Colachal (Tamil: குளச்சல்) is located within the administrative jurisdiction of Kanyakumari District. Colachel is a second grade Municipal town situated on the west coast of Kanyakumari District. It is a port on the Malabar coast, 20 km north-west of Kanya Kumari (Cape Comorin), the southernmost tip of peninsular India

It is an ancient port town, Vasco-Da-gama called it ‘Colachi’. Before the State re-organization in 1956, it was part of the Travancore State. It was a Dutch colony which came under Travancore. After the defeat of the Dutch by King Marthandavarma in 1751, a victory pillar had been erected near the beach in commemoration of the victory. The town is bounded on the south by Arabian Sea. It has Pampoori Vaikal in its Western side. Nagercoil the headquarters of Kanyakumari District is 20 km away from this town in the North East Direction.

The town is well connected to all parts of the state through road. Nagercoil, the district headquarters of Kanyakumari is situated 20 km from Colachel in the northeast direction. Frequent bus services from Colachel are available to the various places of the district.

The broad gauge rail link between Thiruvananthapuram and Kanyakumari passes at a distance of 8 km from Colachel town. The nearest Railway station is at Eraniel Code (ERL) (Monday Market).

Colachel Harbor
There are many rumors surrounding the would-be Colachel Harbor. Some believe that the project is moved over to some other harbor in Kerala. A part of the people is satisfied with a Goods harbor; and the rest still fight for a harbor. In every election, be it Legislative Assembly or Parliament, this is sure to catch both the voters' and candidates' attention. But in due course forgotten. Even there is no official version as to what happened to Colachel Harbor. Now a big fishing harbour is under construction.

2004 Tsunami
The December 2004 Tsunami of the Indian Ocean caused huge devastation and damages. In Colachel, it caused the death of around 500 people. As the land near the coastline is flat and at sea level with no seawall, water traveled inland carving out new streams and estuaries. The waves were reported to be around 5m high and a run up height of 2.6m. Maximum number of casualties happened near the A.V.M. Canal as well as around the open trenches being used by the local coconut fibre industry.[5] Colachel is said to be the last place(southwards) which is affected severely by Tsunami.
The government and several non-governmental agencies have been providing relief works for those affected by the tsunami

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